The Sekler Cake Festival will be organized for the 6th time this year. The home of the event is the Gesztenyés Garden in Buda. During the three days of the festival, you can taste a wide variety of this Hungarian speciality cakes. In addition to the cakes, you can take part in many accompanying programs from concerts to quiz programs.

Nowadays, the sekler cake is a traditional and renewable modern pastry, whether it is baked with electricity, gas, oil, or in the original way, over charcoal. It is still the favorite little cake for small kids and adults. There are countless ways of preparation, shaping and flavoring: from traditional flavors to special combinations, from giant to mini cakes, gluten and lactose-free variations.

Dates: 12-14, October, 2018

Address: Gesztenyés Garden, Budapest, Jagelló út, 1124

Entrance is free for everyone. Don’t eat anything before you visit the event, because you’ll feel sorry if you can’t taste as much cakes as possible.