It is already a tradition that the synagogues are not only full of people on religious holidays, but they also host the arts programs during the Jewish Cultural Festival. From 3 to 14 September the atmosphere will be vivid around the synagogues.

The Frankel Leó Synagogue will organize an international choir competition.

In the the Bethlen Square Synagogue Transylvanian Yiddish folk songs will be performed in the famous Hungarian poet’s, Sándor Kányádi’s translation.

While in the Hegedűs Gyula Street synagogue a beautiful and special Hungarian singer, Andrea Malek will sing with her accompanying Jazzreal and Soulistic band. Also in this church, you can meet Gábor Fináli rabbi and his band Bejn Hajamim performing pop songs. The Trio Midnight, the Sabbathsong Klezmer Band and the 100-member Gypsy Band, as well as the Budapest Klezmer Band and the Budapest Bár will also have concerts during the festival.

Visit the programs and learn the special Eastern European Jewish spirit that is rooted in ancient tradition, but is ready for innovation.

The Great Synagouge and the Goldmark Hall (Wesselényi utca 7.) are the main locations of the programs.