The Hungarian National Gallop is a cultural, touristic, gastronomic and historic festival built on Hungarian traditions – it is a unique equestrian festival.

Every country has its own national traditions that affect and make their culture more colorful. They shape the picture of the given culture living in the minds of the people with different backgrounds. The location for the riding competition, exhibitions and the fair will be the gaudily decorated, UNESCO-protected Heroes’ Square in Budapest. The Andrássy Avenue is filled with tents offering their products or presenting their village, town or country.

The seven Magyar tribes can be seen on the Heroes’ Square in a truly beautiful equestrian statue composition, at the bottom of the Millennial Monument. They are the artistic siblings of the breathing horses running in the National Gallop.

This year the National Gallop will celebrate its 10th anniversary, so its program calendar is even richer than in the previous years. Activities for children and adults, regional cuisine, betting for live horse racing, music and fun.

The date of the festival is September 16-17, 2017.

The admission is free, except if you want to enjoy the competitions from the tribunes.