The organizers of the workshop love handmade gifts, especially gourmet gifts. And they would like to share their passion with you. Luckily, this kind of gift will make anybody happy!

If you think that Christmas is more about dressing up your loved ones with handmade delicacies, this workshop is made for you. You can give them something that is really special, unique, and while you are preparing, you’ll have definitely a lot of fun.

The workshop takes place at Szelence Café in Budapest on December 1, 2018. What you will do:
– homemade granola with Christmas spice mixture
– chocolate oat biscuits
– winter tea blend

You can pack your own gifts individually. Thus, you will have nothing else to do on Christmas Eve than putting your little package under the tree and handing you to the festive mood.

What you’ll have:
– supplies, materials and tools for gift making
– packaging material that makes your gift unique
– recipes and descriptions
– unlimited tea consumption
– light snacks
– Christmas mood and good company

Date: 1 December, Saturday, 10.00 – 13.00

Participation fee: about 40,- EUR

Participation is subject to pre-registration and payment.

Address: Budapest, Pauler u. 8, H-1013