The Funicular of the Buda Castle is a unique railway, a major touristic sight and also a comfortable and easy way to get to the Castle District. This is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 as part of the banks of the Danube in Budapest. The funicular is located at the Chain Bridge and the Tunnel that lies under the Castle district and connects the two sides of the Castle Hill for vehicles and pedestrians. The track is 95 meters long and the level difference is 50 meters.

The two cars of the funicular are connected like a pendulum. While one car goes up the other takes the passengers downhill. One car can transport 24 passengers at one time. The speed of the current structure could be 3 m / s, but this pace was reduced to its half in 1988 at the request of the passengers.

The funicular was inaugurated in 1870 and already in 1873 carried 1,5 million passengers up and down. The first bus line that entered the Castle District began to operate in 1928, it didn’t really affect the number of passengers travelling by the funicular, since by then it became extremely popular amid tourists and locals too.

The price of a round-trip ticket is 1800 HUF (about 6 euros), but students, children and senior passengers pay less. Pets and bicycles are not allowed. Opening hours: every day from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm in every 5-10 minutes. Every second Monday due to maintenance the funicular is closed for several hours in the morning.