This year the Fish Festival of Budapest will be organized for the 6th time. The location is new, but the quality of the programs and the range of selection remain untouched.

At the 6th Fish Festival of Budapest you’ll find the fish from the rivers of Hungary, the Danube and the Tisza and from our lakes Balaton, Tisza, Fertő and Velence.

The palette of the 6th Fish Festival of Budapest will be even more colorful. In addition to the Hungarian flavors, you’ll get to know some international specialties.

Of course, beside the varies of the Hungarian fish soup from all over the country, you may taste exotic sushi, pad thai, Russian caviar, French fish, Italian branzin or English fish & chips.

The organizers of the festival would like to encourage the domestic fish consumption and strengthen the culture of Hungarian gastronomy. The beneficial effects of fish are well-known. The consumption of fish reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Another highlighted aim of the event is to draw attention to the purity of the Hungarian natural waters, especially the Danube. In 2007, the Danube was among the ten most endangered rivers. Thanks to the recent initiatives, water quality has generally improved, but further efforts are needed.

Date: March 2-4, 2018, from 10 am to 10 pm

Location: Behind the Hall of Arts, next to Heroes’ Square

Entrance is free!