Peter Puklus (born in 1980) presents a selection of his newest works at the Trafó Gallery. He was born in Cluj-Napoca and graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University in Budapest. Puklus was the first person of his generation who intented to find intersections between photography and plastic genres such as sculpture and installation art. He showed early the diversity of his own genre by revealing many of his series of photos in art book format.

Life is Techno is also a chapter title of his latest book of called Epic Love Story of a Warrior, which guides the reader through the twentieth century from the perspective of a fictitious Eastern European family. Among the themes of the exhibition you’ll find the challenges of family formation, generational conflicts, and of course the path of Puklus’s new material experiments, which is full of the pulsating and self-repeating basis of techno and life.

Date and time of the exhibition opening: January 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm

The exhibition is open from January 20 to 11 March, 2018

Telephone: +3614562044