Nowadays the Schönbrunn zoo in Vienna is considered as the first modern zoological garden in the world. The Budapest zoo opened its gates in 1866. The realization of the Budapest zoo is thanks to the locals since many Hungarians worked free on its construction just like the main gardener of the city, Ármin Petz. Also many animals arrived as gifts. In 1866 the park opened with 500 species of animals, now it is home to about 780 species. The most loved and popular one was a young bear, called Kristóf.

Recently the Budapest zoo is among the most famous and popular sights of Budapest for adults and children. The site offers a wide range of natural, historical and cultural programs throughout the year. It is located in the center of Budapest, in the City Park, easily reachable, also by the oldest underground of the continent.

Most of its significant buildings were designed by the noted Hungarian Art Nouveau architect, Károly Kós.

The site is a protected area since 1986 and lies on 18 hectare. A whole afternoon is needed to completely discover its species and programs.

Phone number: +3612734901

Opening hours: the zoo is open every day, between 9.00 am till 6.00 pm (weekends until 7.00 pm)

The ticket costs 2800 HUF (9 euros) for adults and 1900 HUF (6 euros) for children.