This year the Budapest Fashion Week will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Fashion weeks are organized all over the world from Paris to New York. 20 years ago Budapest also connected to the bloodstream of fashion. The event will be both elegant and extravagant, innovative and traditional, all in all, it will reflect to the contemporary culture.

During the Budapest fashion week Hungarian fashion designers will showcase their collections. The emerging talents and the well-known names will appear together and present the colorful and wide palette of today’s Hungarian fashion culture. During the three-day event, the audience will see 15 fashion designers’ collections, where, besides the traditional “tours”, the organizers work closely with the designers to create a concept for the show.

At the Budapest Fashion Week, we will find the extravagant models and unusual interpretations created by the young, emerging brands.

During the three-day event, 15 fashion designers present their latest collection in Budapest. Fashion shows will be accompanied by spectacular performances, live acts, opera and chamber music.

Tickets will be available onsite for 10,- EUR.

Dates: April 21-23, 2018.Doors open at 6.30pm. Shows will starting at 7.00pm. The world-famous Gundel Restaurant will host the event.