The BODY Exhibition opens its gates again in Budapest on 15 February, 2018 and it lasts until 17 June, 2018.

The exhibition with unique atmosphere awaits the visitors on 2,200 sqm-s. It presents hundreds of original body organs, once found in human bodies, for people who are interested in seeing, for example, human skeleton, muscle, respiratory organs, propagation organs, and whole circulatory system.

Well-prepared medics assist the visitors of the exhibition. They are pleased to answer all your questions in the subject. Beside the human organs, 3D animations on large screens and informative documents will guide you in the fantastic world of our bodies. Furthermore, the exhibition has a special part dedicated to the development of the human fetus. It explains the miracle of birth in an easily digestible way even for the young audience.

So, if you want to look under your skin, here is an opportunity for you. Ticket prices are a bit higher on the weekends.

Telephone: +3613227079