Start your December in African mood! Entrance is free!

Interested in African Culture? Do you like African music? Are you interested in Africa’s present and future? If so, on December 1 and 2 let’s meet at the Dürer Event Center!

From winter cold you can fly to Africa on this weekend of December! Exciting performances, music, dance, workshops will await you! In addition you’ll also have many surprises .

Admire the stunning acrobatic dance of Abdoul Camara from Senegal, then listen to some great African stories ! Meanwhile, try the Africans’ favorite dessert, fried bananas! But do not miss the movie screenings: have you seen the Citizen, or the Easy Lessons, for example?

If you want inspiration, listen to Dr. Tshava Tona’s life story and find out how an orphan from Africa can become a doctor of the poor ones! On the occasion of the World AIDS Day, support the creation of a health clinic in the capital of Congo.

At this event, you can also get to know the ‘Create Safe Housing’ Campaign. Did you know that one from seven people in the world is homeless? And the fact that there are hundreds of countries in the world where women’s rights to live are not the same as men’s? If you want to hear about the causes and contexts and what you can do to reduce these issues, be there!

Let’s go to Africa!

Entrance is free.