During the Night Tours organized every year by the Budakeszi Wildlife Park, visitors can get a glimpse of the wildlife park’s post-closure life. You’ll have the chance to enjoy the secret and adventurous night life of animals after sunset. A night walk full of noises, scratches, snores and whistles can be thrilling.

Anyone can join the night tour of the Budakeszi Wildlife Park, who is not afraid of the darkness, loves extreme adventures and pre-registers for one of the dates below. Bring with you some kind of lighting equipment (torch and / or headlamps), warm clothing and brave attitude.

Dates of the Night Adventures:

2, 9, 16, 23, 30 March 2018
Meeting at the main entrance at 6:00 pm

6, 13, 20, 27 April 2018
Meeting at the main entrance at 7:00 pm

The program lasts about 2 hours, with a maximum of 2 groups, consisting of up to 50 people respectively. You can apply by emailing to budakeszi.vadaspark@bkvp.hu, subject of the message shall be “Éjszakai túra”.

The participation fee is 7,- EUR.

How to get there by public transportation? Get on the bus 22 on Széll Kálmán Square and get off at the stop Vadaspark. From here, following the signs, a 10-15-minute walk still awaits you.