Let’s meet at the 2nd Carnival Doughnuts Festival of Buda between February 9 and 11, 2018, where more than 80 traditional and new line doughnuts, street food, traditional carnival items and lots of delicacies will await the hungry visitors. Delicious food is of course complemented with sparkling wines, Hungarian pálinka, beers and carnival cocktails.

The event will also offer free family programs, carnival party and live doughnut making show.

From the Epiphany, that is, from the sixth of January, till Ash Wednesday, the forty-day period before Easter is the time of celebrating, cheering, eating and drinking. The tradition of carnival dates back to the Roman times (in honor of Saturn in Rome, seven days of joyful celebration). In Hungary the first records of carnival customs survived from the 14th century.

The origins of carnival doughnut making has been faded away during the last centuries.

Admission is free of charge. You will be amazed by the variety that awaits you at the event.

Opening hours: from noon till 8:00 pm