Kiraly Bath is one of the oldest Turkish baths in Budapest built in the 16th century. A typical Turkish style octogonal pool and two other pools, steam room, sauna, an outdoor tub and a gym provide for a complete and relaxing bathing experience. Thanks to the Dome, an authentic Turkish architectural miracle, the octogonal pool has a natural lighting with the sunlight coming through the glass covered wholes. The Kiraly Bath is located a bit farther from the hot springs of Budapest, because the Turks wanted to make sure that even during the time of a siege they have a secure place for their traditional bathing rituals. Therefore this little gem in Buda every since it was built receives its thermal waters from the Lukacs Bath. The building had suffered massive damages in the world wars and it was restored only in the 1950’s. If you are a history geek or you just wish for a really authentic bath with friendly atmosphere then Kiraly Bath should be your choice.

Opening hours: open every day (coed)  from 9am to 9 pm

Prices: a daily ticket starts from 8 EUR

How to get there: Take Tram 19 or Bus 9 or 109

Address: Fő utca 84. 1027 Budapest

URL Link: