With its beautiful buildings, famous gastronomy and one of Europe’s most magnificent nightlife, Budapest is a unique experience for every visitor. Discover the special world of ruin bars, enjoy the captivating beauty of the city, or spend the night in one of the many clubs.
Or you can experience it all in one evening! It is the ultimate party on water and land. So your best night in Budapest can be packed with:

– 2 unique, locally-popular bars
– You can experience the beauties of local alcohol culture with a special party.
– In addition, you’ll be taken to an unforgettable Party boat.

Meeting place: every Friday and Saturday between 8:30 and 9:30 pm in Anker’t (Paulay Ede Street 33) and experience all this! Anker’t is one of the best known and most popular beer gardens and party places of the Hungarian capital.

Ticket costs 26,- EUR / person.

Live music entertainment
Welcome drinks
1 and a half hour long river cruise