The Szatyor Bar and Gallery opened its doors in 2010 on the Buda side of the Hungarian capital. It is located on the Bartók Béla Boulevard, which lives its second golden age. More and more bars, restaurants and cultural spaces appear here. Moreover due to the latest road works, the street has become less noisy and received a bike lane.

The Szatyor Bar and Gallery is like the older brother of the Púder Bar in the Ráday Street living on the other side of the Danube. Buda is generally a more residential area of Budapest, but life doesn’t stop here either after dusk. This part of the city is definitely less crowded and noisy, but more and more youngsters spend their evenings in Buda.

It features a unique atmosphere, its interior design is eclectic and friendly. The staff is professional and very helpful. The place is ideal for friend or business meetings alike.

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from noon until 1:00 am and on weekend from 2:00 pm till 1:00 am

Telephone: +36205022597