Dressed in the blue and white uniform of Gellért Bath, Pagony is waiting for its guests. This unusual open-air bar was opened on the site of the former children pools of the Gellért Baths. Nowadays, instead of water, there are tables and chairs. It is an ideal place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, lemonade or coffee. They offer daily seasonal menus in fairytale environment.

Pagony’s business policy is flexible, the place is shaped by its guests, and the team is open to exhibitions, film screenings and open-air programs. In addition, there is also free wi-fi, so the place is perfect for learning and working.

It is not that easy to find its entrance if you didn’t have the chance to once bathe in its pools, but it isn’t impossible either. Just get off from the tram, bus or subway at Gellért Ferenc Square. If you stand in front of the main entrance of the famous Gellért Hotel, Kemenes Street is leading up to the hill on its left side. Walk a bit and you’ll see its blue gate on your left hand.

The bar is open daily from April to October in good weather conditions from noon to 10:00 pm.

Entrance is free of charge.