The artisan beers recently have been infiltrating into the nightlife of Budapest. At the Gozsdu Courtyard a whole place was built for this new trend. In the Léhűtő Craft Beer House you’ll find six taps for the changing selection of Hungarian craft beers, while the remaining approximately 30 kinds of beer are offered in bottles. In this wide selection there are Hungarian handicrafts and foreign quality beers alike.

A ‘léhűtő’ originally was a ‘liquid cooler’ working at the breweries. However, nowadays in Hungarian it means loafer. The ‘liquid-coolers’ once had the most boring work at the breweries. They had to stir the hot beer to cool it faster. The fact that they were sometimes superficial in their work is merely a proof that they grasped the total meaninglessness of their profession – the beer cools itself, it’s only a matter of time.

Telephone: +36307310430


Opening hours: the place opens at 4:00 pm every day and generally closes around 2:00 am.