The autumn has finally arrived, and  you are invited to a wonderful concert at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest! The Barcelona Gipsy balKan orchestra was founded in 2012. As their name shows they are from the Catalan capital.

This is the first independent concert of the orchestra in Budapest. They will reveal the reinterpreted shape of Balkan, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean music.

Previously, they played together with the Budapest Klezmer Band in Budapest, and now they are here again! This internationally renowned music band whit their particularly honest, sparkling and exciting music will easily gain your heart.

The band from the Catalan capital, will go on stage on November 16, and will fill with their unique and special music the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Members of the band:
Mattia Schirosa (accordion, Italy)
Sandra Sangiao (voice, Spain)
Ivan Kovacevic (double bass, Serbia)
Stelios Togias (percussion, Greece)
Julien Chanal (guitar, France)
Oleksandr Sora (violin, Ukraine)

Tickets are available from about 15,- EUR.

The concert starts at 8:00 pm. Don’t be late!