Alice Merton is a young singer, who became well-known worldwide before the appearance of her first disc. Her special voice, as well as lively and fresh songs easily gained the recognition of the audience. At her first European tour she also visits Hungary. The A38 venue will host her concert on February 28, 2018.

She made herself a reputed singer in 2016 with the song “No Roots”, then in 2017 with ” Hit the Ground Running. Alice is a culturally diverse artist. She was born is Frankfurt, then raised in Canada, and later she moved to England and the USA.

Tickets are available online or at the A38 boat from about 8,- EUR.

This concert promises a fantastic ending for the winter of 2018 for the lucky ones being in Budapest then.

Alice Merton’s concert will begin at 8:00 pm. Before her show, another great singer will appear on the stage of A38, Sion Hill and his band. The Irish singer and songwriter Sion Hill’s music has a soul-retro atmosphere.

Address: A38, on the Danube river at the Buda side of the Petőfi Bridge. Don’t look for a building or an open-air site! A38 was once a stone-shipping boat built in 1968 and then in 2003 it was turned into a unique and exceptional cultural and concert venue after two years of reconstruction.