The A38 Boat in Budapest is one of Hungary’s sound technically well-equipped venues. It is also an independent cultural center. The boat hosts seven hundred and fifty programs and concerts every year. In addition, it is one of the country’s most productive cinematographic workshops, producing two hundred and sixty television productions. This fourteen-year-old institution has organized and conducted over ten thousand programs, concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, nearly two thousand television programs and documentaries, and has hosted hundreds of live TV shows. The annual number of visitors exceeds 150,000. During its existence, it has received millions of visitors.

Furthermore its appearance and history makes it the most original going-out place of Hungary. The boat was constructed in 1968 in Ukraine and originally it was a transporter boat on the Danube until 1999. Several years later its reconstruction works began. The Artemovsk 38 has a relatively short, but broad, flat design and large cargo space, which was suitable for converting it to a concert hall and restaurant, but the investment without precedent was still a challenge for designers.

During your visit to Budapest it is an absolute must to see either for a dinner or a concert.

You’ll find it on the Buda side of the Danube at the Petőfi Bridge.